“I live in Greenville, South Carolina. I have been visiting Hudson Church since September 2013, when I am in the New York area. I love the fellowship of the Believers, and the friendly atmosphere whenever we meet. The Word of God is ministered by Pastor Rene with much love and great boldness. If you’re looking for a real New Testament Church, Hudson Church is the place.”

Elias Valentin | South Carolina USA



“Hudson Church has become more than a place of worship for me; I found a family in Christ with a strong sense of fellowship and welcoming hearts since day one. Through the Holy Spirit, each week Pastor Rene teaches us with so much patience and love, God’s word and His purpose for us. This church has changed my life! God’s presence is felt every Sunday and I am hungry for His word like I never was before. I am blessed to be a part of Hudson Church where my faith has strengthened, my life has been rectified and my relationship with God is finally my utmost priority.”

Gloria Echeverria | New Jersey USA



“Before I was a born again Christian, I was an atheist. When I was an atheist at the time I believe God spoke to me and gave me a path to follow, which lead me to be a part of Hudson Church. I decided to give it a chance and now realize that I am part of a church with one of the greatest inspirational speakers and preacher who changed my life around by making me look at things with a different perspective, with Faith.”

Matthew Rivas | West New York, USA



“Since joining Hudson Church, I went from being a religious person to being a person who actually has a relationship with God. Finding a good Pastor who teaches the Word, I now have a good structure and I am held accountable for the life I live. My life has changed in so many different ways, but the changes themselves lead me to accept Jesus Christ into my life and heart.”

Donna Allen | West New York, USA



"I was a born again Christian since I was a teenager. I have always prayed. I strayed away from churches and felt incomplete. I have been through a divorce which led to a bankruptcy. I have been struggling financially and mentally. Since I have been going to Hudson Church I have felt the power of the Holy Spirit filling my voids, healing me physically and mentally. I am empowered and more positive. I feel like I am 10 feet taller since I have been to Hudson Church. My confidence, my glow, it is back!

Esther Kolodinsky | New Jersey, USA



Hudson Church, its members, leaders and Pastors have helped me through the Holy Spirit and Word of God to build a relationship with Jesus. The  impact is tremendous in how my life has changed and how I've become at peace with all of life's challenges. I've learned to listen to the Word and apply it to my life. I've grown in spiritual prayer through the Holy Spirit's guidance, learning to intercede for others and to really submit myself to the Spirit. I've been impacted in confidence and courage to lead  intercessory prayer where in the past I would have never seen myself in that position. All glory goes to God for all that I receive. Being led to Hudson Church has been the biggest blessing in my life!

John Bussanich | Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA



Hudson Church has had a major impact in my life. It all began with my cousin Gabriella and Uncle Alex who encouraged me to start going to bible study classes every Monday afternoon. At first, I went just because Gabriela was going and I followed whatever my older cousin did. However, the more and more I went, I started to become excited about going every Monday. When Pastor Rene gave me the gift of my first Bible I began to read it on my free time because I was interested in learning more about the Word of God. My parents took notice of the change in me as I became more spiritual and peaceful. I encouraged my parents to join Hudson Church not only so we can hear the word of God, but also so that my whole family can be together every Sunday at Church. I have seen a change in my parents and family that has been a blessing from God.  

Marcus Duran | New Jersey, USA



It all began with my son Marcus. He is a very big part of our spiritual journey. Around 8 months ago, he joined Pastor Rene's bible study group with his cousin Gabriella. Soon after that, he accepted Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. He started putting pressure on my husband and I. He wanted us to commit and start going to Hudson Church. At that point, I felt I had to at least go and check it out myself. Marcus was so happy! That made me want to go even more. 

I realized that my son was the link to reconnect our family. The Holy Spirit was working through Marcus. Eddie (my husband) and I are closer than ever to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law Marilyn and Alex. Going to Hudson Church every Sunday as a family has brought us all closer than I could of ever hoped for. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing community. 

Carol Duran | New Jersey, USA


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