Hudson Church’s vibrant youth ministry works in partnership with local churches and community leaders to provide annual and semi-monthly programs designed to impact and prepare young people across the Hudson Valley for Kingdom work. We believe that reinforcing the call of Jesus Christ on student lives is a key part of creating a Christ centered community. We invite students to make a commitment to Christ and His church. Commitment often means something different to teenagers than it does to adult parishioners. Hudson Church provides a diverse array of programs designed to challenge young people to grow in ministry while experiencing the fun and love of Jesus Christ.

Hudson Church holds various recreational events for its vibrant youth ministry. Members have opened up their homes to our congregation’s children and organized several pool parties for their benefit. These events have given us the opportunity to have our more seasoned members fellowship with our younger members, enabling us to instill in them the aspirations of dreaming bigger dreams for their own futures.

Hudson Church sponsored outings where it took a sizable group of children to the NJ State Meadowlands Fair. The youth ministry provided them with the admission fee, transportation to and from, as well the bracelets that allowed each child to go on all of the rides for an unlimited amount of times. Most of these children had never experienced a carnival of that magnitude; therefore this was an experience for them unlike any other. Together, they represented the youth of the church, and set an example to the public that youthful Christians can congregate together and have a fun time in Christ.

Hudson Church has made generous contributions to the congregation’s youth program. We provided them each with their own gift cards. This enabled them to purchase back-to-school essentials. Most of these children would not otherwise be afforded these blessings for the benefit of the new school year.

Hudson Church opened the Children's Ministry program which takes place every Sunday during regular Sunday Services at the Church for children between the ages of 5-10 years old. This ministry is lead by Gloriana Bussanich.

Hudson Church launched the Teen Ministry August 19, 2016. This ministry meets a couple times a month on Fridays at the Church for ages 13-20 years old. This ministry is lead by Jenifer Cedeno.

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