My Responsibility as a Christian

Hudson Church - churches in hudson county nj

We must accept and do these on a daily basis, in Jesus name:



  1. Take the road that is narrow

  2. Protect/guard your house/temple

  3. Hear His voice

  4. Pray

  5. Love

  6. Forgive

  7. Have faith

  8. Receive

  9. Hope

  10. Reconcile

  11. Spread the Good News

  12. Grow up

  13. Move mountains

  14. Overcome

  15. Stand

  16. Rise up

  17. Take authority

  18. Renew our minds

  19. Put on the mind of Christ

  20. Take up our cross daily

At the Hudson Church located in Hudson County NJ, we commence bible studies and worship services in both English and Spanish. Rene Abreu is the Pastor at Hudson Church and welcomes all to worship in Christ Jesus.

Aaron Burden


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6813 Madison Street
Guttenberg, NJ 07093

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