Taking the Narrow Road


Sometimes it can feel challenging not to follow in the path those around you are taking. You may feel isolated, left out, lonely, or judged by not following in what your friends are doing.

We often find ourselves in positions where a temptation is lurking and we need to decide how to handle it. We can either go along with others and accept the temptation, or we can listen to the Holy Spirit and avoid it. Sometimes, we find ourselves accepting the temptation because those around us are doing it too. This does not make the action justified. Just because others are allowing temptation to enter their lives does not mean that it is acceptable.

In these situations, it may appear easy or fun to allow the temptation to enter our life as well. However, allowing for this to occur weakens our relationship greatly with the Lord. Instead, we should recognize that this has a negative impact on our life and relationship with God. We should not follow in other’s misleading footsteps, instead we should take the narrow road, the one that leads us closer to God and towards a healthier, happier life. Others may then follow in our path, resulting in a chain reaction of positive choices and closer relationships with God for all.

At the Hudson Church, a Christian church in Hudson County New Jersey, bible studies are held in both English and Spanish. Pastor Rene Abreu leads the service and welcomes all interested to come and worship in Christ Jesus.


Yeshi Kangrang



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