How to Actively Participate in Church

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves to stay focused at church. We may be distracted and our thoughts may be scattered in other places. In order to feel close to the LORD, we should be focused in church. These tips can aid you in being active as a participant and worshipper.


Try to attend Intercessory Prayer before service:

This is a time where we fellowship in the Holy Spirit and come together to pray for things outside of ourselves. Speaking in tongues activates the Holy Spirit within us prior to the actual services.  


Greet each other in love:

The Lord wants us to fellowship as a family. We are supposed to be on one accord. For some people church is the only time of the week that they may receive a hug or any form of love. It is important to encourage one another as the Body of Christ.


Participate during Praise and Worship:

Singing and dancing is a form of praising God. When the praises go up, the blessings come down. It is important to give the Lord the praise that He deserves.



If you feel God has called you to assist in helps ministry please speak with Pastor Elias Valentin. Being a part of helps ministry is another way to be actively engaged during Church services.


Ask questions:

If you have a question about a certain bible scripture, ask our Pastors or someone in helps ministry after service for further clarification.

At the Hudson Church, bible study sessions are held in both English and Spanish, led by Pastor Rene Abreu. At our bible-based, non denominational church in Guttenberg, NJ we study Jesus and His examples, and how we can apply them in our own lives everyday.


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