The Importance of Reading the Bible

The Importance of Reading the Bible

There are many positive effects of reading the Bible. The Bible gives us the ability to witness God’s Word and shows us how to live in His image.


God’s Word and character is fully present in scriptures. We read stories about Jesus and the parables He shared with His disciples. We can learn from these stories and understand what it is God intends for us and how we should live our lives. Doing so brings us closer to God.


By reading the Bible, we are able to better understand God and His will for our lives. Through the examples in the Bible we learn what God wants and does not wants for us.


Sin is contrary to God, and this is evident throughout the scriptures. By reading the Bible we can use the lessons we read regarding sin and use them as warnings and guides to apply in our daily lives.


When times seem unbearable, we can read the Bible and see how Jesus overcame hardship and trials. God is there to help those in need when they pray to Him. We too can find courage and harmony in knowing God is always there for us if we simply ask Him for help.

At Hudson Church, Bible studies are held in both English and Spanish, led by Pastor Rene Abreu. At our bible based, non-denominational church in Guttenberg, NJ we study Jesus and His examples, and how we can apply them in our own lives every day.


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