Becoming Born Again


People fall into dark times. It happens. None of us are perfect, therefore it can sometimes feel easy to grow distant from God.



What Does it Mean to be Born Again

When speaking of becoming born again, it is evident we are referring to the spiritual aspect of rejuvenation and renewal. Every human makes mistakes and sins. It is stated in the Bible that any man who calls on the Lord shall be saved. Those who repent of the sins they have committed and have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior are ‘born again’. The Lord never turns his back on sinners, and hopes that all will worship in Him and show faithfulness towards Him. God is merciful and forgiving, therefore as long as we are willing to show that we want to be close with Him again, and aim to end our harmful habits, He will forgive.



It's Never Too Late


It is never too late to try to renew or to start a new relationship with the Lord. As long as we believe in Him, we will grow closer in union with Him. Attending church services and asking for forgiveness are key in reuniting with God. God calls on us to act in his image, and doing so will again bring us closer to Him. If you are looking to renew, or start, your relationship with the Lord, join us for any of our services or events. At Hudson Church, Pastor Rene Abreu teaches bible-based principles.


After receiving salvation, we can expect our lives to change. Obstacles and trials will inevitably come our way, but we will be able to handle them better and feel safe in knowing that God is present with us. There will be a strong desire to please God and perform his will. We may find friendships and romantic relationships are becoming less strained or even completely restored. We also may find forgiveness to be much easier than before, knowing that God had compassion for us when we needed it most.


If you are looking for a church in Guttenberg, NJ, check out our upcoming events and services. Hudson Church offers services in both English and Spanish.



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